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How Often To Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter?

If you haven't changed your refrigerator water filter in a few months, a year, or several years, you may be wondering when you should replace it. Maybe your water still tastes fine, so you're questioning if changing your fridge filter is even necessary. Just because your water tastes fresh, does not mean it is. Many contaminants are tasteless. 

A family of four who use their water dispenser and ice machine often should get a new filter every six months; whereas, a couple without children may only need to replace it once a year. If you haven’t replaced your fridge filter in several years, you’re not drinking filtered water but something else entirely.

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Buying a replacement refrigerator filter from the original manufacturer can be expensive. Aftermarket refrigerator filters cost less but sometimes at the risk of quality. Changing your refrigerator water filter is crucial, so we'll help you understand the language of the replacement filter market to find the best fit for your refrigerator and budget. 


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